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Terms of Use

Common terms

Offers and provisions of service are dependant on these terms of use, if not otherwise indicated. Published price lists are binding; new price lists by date can replace these.

Paulibude is not liable for forcemajeure. Accidents, damages and losses are only liable if they are caused by intentional or negligent breach of duty or a breach of German traffic safety laws by Paulibude or one of it´s vicarious agents. In case of bodily harm Paulibude is permitted to call an ambulance unless the injured person denies this.

Theft and loss of personal belongings on the premises are only liable if the damage was caused by intentional or negligent breach of duty through Paulibude.

Paulibude retains the right to shut down technical appliances at any time without claims for reprimands as long as the general business operations remain functional.

Changes of agreement require a written contract. The customer agrees that data is collected by Paulibude, as far as necessary for the terms of contract. Should single issues of these terms prove ineffective this does not affect the agreements in general. Court of jurisdiction is Hamburg.


Guests can make reservations online, per telephone, or written.


All services of Paulibude are paid cash by arrival, advance payments are transferred to our bank account.


Reservations with a total value of € 250,00 require a deposit of 25% of the resident rate to our bank account. A total value above € 250,00 requires a deposit of 50% of the rate. Deposits must be made 2 weeks in advance of arrival.

During big events or trade exhibits as well as during Hamburgs school vacations the full rate needs to be payed at least 2 weeks in advance. If the payment is not in our account, Paulibude is not commited to uphold the reservation. Affected rooms can be rented otherwise.


Rules for cancellations are in compliance with legal regulations. Reservations can be cancelled without costs in the following 24 hours. Otherwise the following rules of cancellation are applicable:

One month to reservation date: 10% of the agreed price

29 to 07 days to reservation date: 50% of the agreed price

06 to 03 days to reservation date: 80% of the agreed price

02 to 00 days to reservation date: 100% of the agreed price

Compliance of young persons act

Young persons under the age of 18 years can only use our services with at least one responsible and of age guardian. Guardians need to be guests of the residence.

Rules of the house

Rule of the house are part of the common terms of use. Infringement of rules of the house gives Paulibude the right to cancel the lodging contract immediately without notice! Not used services are not reimbursed.


Visitors that cause damages to the structure or inventory will be held responsible in the frame of legal liability charges (especially Guardians or organizers). Theft and intentional damages will be brought to persecution immediately.

Reimbursements for damages and lost keys will be charged and need to be paid cash by departure.

Culture and Tourist Tax

Please take note, that the Senate of Hamburg has decreed a cultural tax since January 1st, 2013 for Hotels.
The tax is privy to every guest and amounts to
a net sum of,
10 Euro ____________ 0 Euro,
25 Euro ___________ 0,50 Euro,
50 Euro __________ 1 Euro,
100 Euro _____ 2 Euro,
150 Euro ________ 3 Euro,
200 Euro ________ 4 Euro.
Above 200 Euro the tax rises with every 50 Euros in the amount of one Euro!

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